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11/11/2014 5:00:00 PM
A UBC Press Release
The Upper Blackfoot Confluence presented on its partnership and projects at the Wildlife Habitat Council Annual Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland.
8/5/2014 12:29:41 PM
by Mark Steele, Caribou County Sun
A $5,000 donation has been received from the Upper Blackfoot Confluence group for weed control in the Blackfoot River watershed according to Caribou County Weed Supervisor Scott Shuler.
6/4/2014 1:27:00 PM
A UBC Post
The Wildlife Habitat Council’s Annual Symposium: Celebrating Corporate Conservation will feature a presentation on the Upper Blackfoot Confluence: A Conservation Partnership.
11/21/2013 1:33:00 PM
A UBC Post
UBC partners and leaders from state and federal government agencies gathered at the Idaho Fish & Game Regional Offices in Pocatello this November to plan future restoration projects.
9/19/2013 12:49:00 PM
by Mark Steele, Caribou County Sun
It was kind of a strange mixture of groups and people touring the Upper Blackfoot River last Thursday, when agency, conservation groups, and ranchers met for the day-long meeting.